Monday, September 24, 2012

Back Again!

It's been sometime since I last post anything here. The last was last year! Lol! OMFG!

What happened during this duration?

I went to Phuket


and got myself

Another tattoo

Sis graduated :)

And I just continue drinking like nobody's business, like there's no tomorrow.

I've actually stopped drinking early this year but only managed to stop for about 7 months!

More trips! Back to Ruby Resort, Cherating

Went to Bali!

And another tattoo @@

Became a temporary millionaire!

And drink like nobody's business again!

And party!!

Back to work! That's all for now :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Understand & Expressing

I had a chat with a guy. He told me that I'm good in almost everything except for ONE! Being submersive. Any Idea what's a submesive all about?

Let's put it this point. When you're reading a book, you basically would like to understand what's the book about and I personally think that's the whole Idea of reading a book is to understand what is it about.

Understand is one thing, what about expressing it? Or telling others about what you had read (sharing). I believe that's not easy though but then, nothing is impossible. Reading from a book, understand the content, expressing it out on your own words, implement it into your life perhaps?

You read the bible, do you understand it? Or do you read it for the sake of reading/pleasing someone/task? So if you do understand it, are you able to share it with others with your own words? You might be one in a million that understand it but are you the one in a million that is able to share it with others? Are you able to interpret it in your own words?

Any Idea how to do(share) it? Sharing is always a wonderful thing. You should have heard of "Sharing is caring" and yes, it is caring. Whether is it in a positive or negative way, that's a different story. Never walk alone, just like Liverpool FC, share it, with whoever you want to.

And as for myself, I'm in the process to express myself even much more! I think I do it much better over here compare to face to face. Lol

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chained Up = Prison

Sometimes we want to keep something which is extraordinary

We gave it food, shelter & everything that we thinks suites them best

But do we think of how they feel?

They were once jumping freely tree to tree

Hanging upside down on the branch

Hunting for food

Disturbing each other

But now

They only have 1 plank to play around with

Being chained does not differs from being in a cage

And we

Paid the criminals just to see how they suffer

Friday, May 20, 2011

m3lv's Broga Adventure!

Last month, m3lv went to Broga Hill with the beloved, the sis & buddy! Broga Hill is quite a famous spot for sunrise. I knew about this few years back and would always want to make a visit and finally, I did it!

At the peak of Broga : 6.30a.m.

You need to reach there latest by 6.00a.m. If you want to see the sunrise. Unless you gonna run all the way up perhaps 6.30am latest? Lol.

Going up ain't difficult except for the last part where you are about to reach the peak because its really STEEP! If it rains the previous night, then I'll suggest you to reschedule your trip again.

There's path along the way, and do bring your torchlights as well! There's no lamp post all through out your journey to the peak but there are some people which sells torch light right before you start your journey up the hill. Lol!

Broga at 7.00am

If you want to take a nice moment of the sunrise, first thing you gotta do is to find a perfect spot for yourself! The sunrised behind the hills, so don't settle down yourself just watching the city view.

Sunrise @ Broga

Watching the sunrise is amazing! But a lot of my friends which have been there told me that they don't manage to see it though. So I think, depends on your luck or just check the weather forecast. Lol!

So, the four of us chill, relax, take some pictures and more pictures!

Crowds at Broga

Rock - Paper - Scissors?

Lonely Tree

My "photo shooting session"

Rocky's "photo shooting session"

A shoe tree? lol

Not a bad hiking trip :) Do go If you're free! And do remember to bring your torchlights & camera!


Sunday, May 1, 2011


  Damn! I've connection problem at home and guess I'll be using office PC to update my blog every now and then. Lol. Anyway, I wanted to upload pictures so badly. Pictures of the Formula 1 cars that I took during the recent race that happened in Malaysia last month =="

Right now I'm just using my phone Internet connection. Kinda slow but at least I can upload a few pictures, not bad either :)

I'm kinda slow right now but I'll try to update as much as possible though. Lol! And to sums up this year F1 Race, for me personally, its awesome! Went there back in 2009 but the race was stopped due to bad weather, but this year,  its a totally new experience.

Simply because we( m3lv & beloved ) was at the hillstand (we got our tickets free! What do you expect? Lol ) but the experience in the hillstand is much better than grandstand, I think mainly because we can see more part of the track! Here's my F1 picture for this year :)

F1 Practice Session

F1 Raceday

Alright. That's all for now :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Team Lotus Street Demo @ Putrajaya

Few days back, m3lv participate in a contest organized by Team Lotus Spark and  the winner will get a chance to visit the garage area during the Team Lotus Street Demo at Putrajaya. I'm one of the 5 lucky winners =) Went  to Putrajaya with the beloved and receive a call from one of the person in charge, Mabel, she told me that I can bring the beloved along for the garage tour! 

Our guest pass

Then we went to the garage area

That's Mabel explaining ( picture grab from Team Lotus Facebook Page )

The 2010 Team Lotus F1 Car

Mabel explain every single thing about the F1 car. From tires, to the driver's sit, the fuel, the chassis, basically everything!

Just look at their steering wheel, there's so many buttons!! I  think F1 car is kinda complicated!!

Team Lotus Display Car ( capture using N8 )

I got a rare chance to meet Tony Fernandes, Team Lotus Boss Up Close!!

Mr. Fernandes

And got to meet the driver as well!! Walao eh!

Jarno & Heiki 

And the Street Demo!!

Check out my  vid :)

And lastly, here's another nice part :) m3lv & the beloved got free tickets to F1 next Sunday!! WOW!!

Free F1 Raceday Tickets!!

I will be going on Friday to do some photo session during the F1 Practice Session. Anybody wanna join? Till then!! Chaoz!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Wow! I've not update my blog about 2 months already! 
Because..I don't have Internet Connection!! LOL!!
Anyway, m3lv is back again!!

Alright, quickie :)

Went back to the beloved hometown for CNY!! ( Now only I'm talking bout CNY ==" )

Fly The Lantern ( Loads of wishes and some came true already ^^ Lolx!! )

Loads of lanterns!! Looks like fireflies =)

Happy Valentine!
Simple Valentine :)

Went Sepang to catch a glimpse of the new MotoGP bikes for this year! Can't wait for OCT!!

Recorded using my N8 ;)

New Hair Cut!!

And here's a short clip of my friend, James precious maltese, Summer doing some tricks =)

That's all for now!!